Liquid Acid Enema

by Blotter Acid Eucharist

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    This recording contains binaural tones and carrier noise embedded in the audio that produce a psycho-active auditory event. This recording MUST be listened to in its entirety with headphones for the listener to experience the intended effects. Please disable any noise reduction settings on your stereo audio player as it will result in a significant reduction of the carrier noise contained in the recording necessary for the embedded binaural tones to work. While listening to this recording it is recommended that the listener be in a prone or reclined position with eyes covered or closed. The intensity of the experience and duration of its effects can differ from person to person. There is no guarantee it will work as intended for all listeners. For best results download the lossless FLAC format option audio file.

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GK#339 c&p 2012 karaoke/blotter acid eucharist


released 21 December 2012

an ANBRX / COMADOSE / 'CID WIZARD production
"Liquid Acid Enema"

auditory brainwave stimulation by J. Randall, 2012

ANbRx Pharmaceuticals group Inc.
-Designer digital drugs for the post music generation!



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