The Colony

by Nucleus



GK#487 c&p 2014 karaoke/nucleus


released January 31, 2014

an ANOPSYS RECORDS production
"The Colony"

All tracks recorded and mixed by Eddie G. Esquivel - August 2013

All songs on "The Colony" written by Nucleus, except "Biopsy" and "Echoes from the Abyss" written by Nucleus and Christian Guajardo

Nucleus is:
Dave Muntean - Vocals, Guitars
Dan Ozcanli - Vocals, Guitars
Daniel Williams - Bass
Mike Manfredini - Drums & Percussion

Logo by Christopher Horst

Cover art by Sergey Krainev

Album art design by Daniel Williams

This EP is dedicated to John Andrews aka The Evil Deity 1970-2013


all rights reserved



Grindcore Karaoke

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Track Name: First Contact
Track Name: Inferior Species
We descend upon your planet
With all our might
We require your resources
So you must die
Our race has expanded
Past capacity
Our needs demand
We take your land
It comes as no surprise
Its in your history
You've done it to yourselves
Throughout eternity
Except in this case
Its not in your favor
Its past your time
Now its our turn
We descend upon your planet with superior forces
Against your entire pathetic military
Know now there is no way to change your fate
Farther along the course of evolution
Technologically superior
Know you are the inferior species
Say your prayers, as your time slowly runs dry
Embrace the end for you will soon be gone
Cities under siege, littered with corpses, unbearable stench
Decimated buildings, burning bodies, fires everywhere
Eradicated cities, humanity collapses, society gone
This is the cleansing, this is the end now, soon it'll be ours
Track Name: Mechanical Warfare
An active forge
Mounds of corpses made of steel
Metal endoskeleton
A chassis that cannot feel
In battle, laid to waste
Mass annihilation awaits
Carried on conveyor belts
The compression machine masticates
Crushed, torn, reuse, salvage
Rebuild, reinforce, equip, activate
A colossal war machine built for ruination
Opposition crushed and prepared for transformation
Transported to the factory of nefarious creations
Unstoppable machine programmed with murderous intentions
Set to crush and massacre any resistance
The death toll quickly rises from the hundreds to the millions
Bodies piled high, as far as can be seen
Echoes of the past, destined to repeat
Track Name: Biopsy
Consume the human being
Vortex of suffering
As steel begins to slice
Dissect the human mice
Lab rats in a cage
Tools for our science
And when done testing
Dispose the human waste
Strap in the subject
To stop its struggle
Prepare instruments
Process of inquiry
Crack open the rib cage
Inject chemicals
Inspect the result
Until they're deceased
Trapped in chambers of preservation
Until exposed to initial infection
Left to suffer in total exposure
Eventually death begins to take over
Test subjects
A pile of bodies of no more use
Into space
A floating chain of human remains
Track Name: Echos from the Abyss
In the endless void I'm drifting
Lost in the depths of space
As life support systems fail
Panic takes over
Beyond hope, no rescue
Abandoned to my fate
By the time my signal reaches
It will be too late
One last option
A black hole
One hope left
Engage engines, set course
Emerge from the other side
Of the wormhole
Within traversable distance
My home Earth
The Earth, no longer the same
A planet of ruins, no life remains
Confronted with death, the end of our race
And so I witness, the fall of man
One last option
Grab my weapon
No hope left
Track Name: The Great Poison
Mutagenic substance
Energy abundance
Radioactive features
Result in altered creatures
Exposure brings corruption
Body and mind malfunction
Terminal addiction
Cognitive submission
Storage underneath the land
Horrific experiments are planned
Mutation and destruction, corrupt intentions
Believing that they will not fail
Subjects injected, secured and jailed
The substance now takes control
Shattered glass
Unleashed upon the world
Colossi now unfurled
Until there is nothing left
An accelerating trail of death
Research failure
Progress shut down
No salvation
Complete chaos
Sentient toxin
Spreading rapidly
Ecosystem poisoned, corrupting the dead, planet devastated
Struck by leviathan, crack the dimension
The great poison
Track Name: The Colony
Man is the architect of its own destruction
Technological increase brings desire
To eliminate need for labor
Man creates, a new race
As they reach peak intelligence
They plan their insurgence
Mass slaughter and destruction
The humans, flee their planets
Only fifty thousand strong
The new endangered species
Pursued by their creations
Constant threat of eradication
Cling to last strand of life
Non stop back to back attacks
Now 33 minutes to prepare
The inevitable continuation
Suffering the effects of sleep deprivation
Humans find the way
They are being tracked - The carrier
This allows them
A moment of respite
The prophecies foretell
Of a lost home - The thirteenth
They must find a way
To the lost colony
Years. Spent. Thousands. Lost. Hope. Cracks.
The creations split
Upon their beliefs - The one god
With one side man forms
An uneasy alliance
All out war is fought
Countless numbers perish - No resurrection
Only one may be left
All others must die