by Ultimate Bastard



GK#416 c&p 2013 karaoke/ultimate bastard


released May 13, 2013


All music & lyrics by Ultimate Bastard, 2012

ANDY PUBES: Guitar & Vox
DOOGZY: Bass, Vox & Programming

Track 2 featuring Chucky from Quumf on guest vocals

Thanks to Meat Ears, J Randall and Killer Karrit

Artwork and production by Arno Zepp



all rights reserved



Grindcore Karaoke

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Track Name: Face
Naw - don't dip yer ding dong in my drink
Stop smoking all my fucking fags ya dick
You gave me ringworm and the plague
Just sling yer hook and fuck off out my face
Naw, you threw my passport in the bin
Down Cash Converters with my drum-machine
Yerr personal hygiene's a disgrace
Pack up yer shite and fuck off out my face
It was me that deleted all the numbers out yer phone
Sold yer motor to Beanie for a half-ounce and the rest of his methadone
It was me that set your bedroom ablaze
Yer stupid fuckin shiny pointy shoes burst into flames
I smashed yer crapper in with my bare hands
I set up a blog just to write shitty reviews of yer band
Turned yer kids against you and pummelled your wife
Tricked you into a sex-change and ruined yer life
Track Name: Baws
Testicular testament
Testosterone and aftershave
Wrinkly sack of insolence
A monument to manliness
Ten-ton baws and I'm swinging them at you
Got a bag of veiny vengeance and I never shave my pubes
And if the cunts don't like it then I couldn't give a fuck
Cos I'm gonna swing my swingers til the police show up
Grand spooge factory
Spermatic orbs of bravery
Public skullduggery
! dangle mine with dignity
Groinal exhibitionist
You cannot help but look at it
Alpha-male atrocity
My scrotum brings you misery
Baws in yer nightmares
Baws in yer hoose
Baws in yer lunchbox
Baws in yer mooth
Baws in the workplace
Baws in a vice
Baws in a binbag
Baws all the time
Track Name: Erse
Numb cheeks, two weeks in the bathroom
Straining, sweating, sphincter stretching
Plugged up, egg bound, bowels of concrete
Constipate me diamorphine
Blistered brain and vessels ruptured
Massive tear in colon structure
Hard work, no luck, cock-eyed, ring's fucked
Split in two from the erse up
Dying on the can
You shat an asteroid and now you're half a man
Cheer up junkie
You should've shot up Senokot
You should've stuck to glue and wine
No smack - no cash, no cash - no eat
No eat - no shite, no shite - die!