Negative Reinforcement




GK#275 c&p 2012 karaoke/dick move


released September 6, 2012

"Negative Reinforcement"

All songs written and recorded by Dick Move

Colin - Vocals
Will - Drums
Ryan - Guitar
George - Bass

Recorded sporadically over the summer of 2011 by John Gamble in
his basement on some old ass IBM computer using cool edit pro which would crash and delete entire tracks.

Mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound
Artwork / design by J. Randall


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all rights reserved



Grindcore Karaoke

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Track Name: The Ultimate Sucker
You're a homo bitch acting like your cool
but back home, your girl is stepping out on you
they try and tell you but you don't wanna believe
an 80 pound bitch has brought you to your knees
Faggot, you're a cabrone
Doomed, to always be alone
Wigger, Faggot, Mother Fucker
treated like a fool cause you're the ultimate sucker
no one's got your back, why would they when it's balls you lack?
how can you act so tough when dudes are blowing loads in your
girlfriends muff.
Track Name: King of Queers
You've got everyone fooled with a couple exceptions
You're credibility is always in question
always run your mouth before you know whats up
i'm gonna kill you, you stupid faggot fuck
So self righteous, you're never wrong
So I've made it my mission to make you gone.
So self righteous, all you do is cry
I've heard enough now it's time to die
Well who could have guessed, you dropped out of sight.
Always willing to talk, but never willing to fight.
The rumors that you spread are of your own invention.
(with the) amount of shit you talk, you must be made of intestine.
You thought nobody would call you out.
I'm gonna crush you without a doubt.
Can't fucking stand another lie.
Get myself off hearing your cries.
King of queers (x4)
you're the fucking king of queers
King of queers (x4)
you're a fucking faggot
Track Name: Inciter
What the fuck? Do you not like chicks?
Because the way you talk it seems like you want dick.
talking shit on girls just cause they wanna get laid.
but the only way you get off is with a visual aid.
you can't get fucked so you tear a girl down.
act like a crusader but you're just a clown.
what it boils down to is jealousy.
in the world of men, you're a parody.
if a girl fucks a guy whats it matter to you?
does it somehow destroy your perfect world view?
or maybe you just fear what you barely ever see
because a pussy to you is like a mystery
Keep it up, I'm sure that chicks love hearing you talk..
about how they're all whores, and want nothing but cock.
you might as well go ahead and become a eunuch.
(that means when they cut off your balls or dick)
Track Name: Volunteer Douchebag
you volunteer to serve the rich
you aren't protecting my freedom
fighting undeclared wars for globalist scum
you think I owe you my respect?
you're just a the military industrial complex.
went to boot camp where they brainwashed you
a soldier is strong, a civilian is weak
spent some time in the sand so you think you're a man
all you are is a sucker, another dead mother fucker
signed your life over to traitors
in the hopes that you'd become a savior
you're not a patriot, you work for the banks
just more flesh and gore under the tracks of a tank
Track Name: Workin' for a Livin'
wasting my life in the same fucking place
douche bag boss wont get off my case
I spend most of my days getting treated like shit
if i didn't need the money I would just fucking quit
I hate my life, cause i hate my fucking job
I hate my boss, cause he's a stupid fucking slob
one day I'll lose it and I'll leave this place
cause if I don't i think I'm gonna break somebody's face
I go to work and you treat me like a ticket
Business is failing but your ego's getting bigger
talk down to me cause you think I'm a jerk
I wonder what you'll think of this gun i brought to work
I hate my life, cause i hate my fucking job
I hate my boss, cause he thinks he's fucking god
one day I'll lose it and I'll leave this place
'cause if I don't i think I'm gonna break somebody's face