Pestilent Hallucinations

by Buried At Birth

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Joshua Kutras
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Joshua Kutras Punishing and brutal. An all out assault on your ears, & brain. Vocalist Veronica Mars puts most of the male vocalists of this genre to total and complete shame. Listen to at high volume only. Favorite track: Chain Sodomy.


GK#47 c&p 2011 karaoke/buried at birth


released June 24, 2011

"Pestilent Hallucinations"

Recorded and Mixed by Joe Clements @ Compound, Ben Lomond, CA
Mastered by Dan Randall @ Mammoth Sound, Santa Cruz, CA

Cover Design Jerry Lozano.

Veronica Mars | Vocals
Jerry Lozano | Guitar
Philip Hasha | Guitar
Donovan Kelley | Bass
Ryan Fassler | Drums

Thanks to Joe Compound, Dan Mammoth, R. Patterson, Jay Randall/Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Nathan Luevano, Dave Taylor, James Cigler, Ryan Wasterlain, Steve Landeros, Ben Collisson, Ryan Clarke, John Regula, Andrew, Josh, and Sean @ LCRSP, Tom/Weirdo Skateboards, KFJC, Bob Tul, Chad Schrader, Derek Licon, Chris Perez/Fresno Bel-Tower, Scott Alcoholocaust, entire staff at Guitar Showcase San Jose, Peter Panacy, Reno Pyrate Punx, Jesse Williams, KPDO, Cyco Mike/924 Gilman, Felicia/Hijinx House, KSCU, Rich/Dead Rat, Kenny/BuriedInHell, Dave Haro/Disaster Artists, Andrew/Burnt Ramen, Weekend Nachos, Coliseum, Cryptkeeper, Fall Silent, Burning Love, American Habit, Owen Hart, Oppressed Logic, XHarold ShitmanX, Earslaughter and everyone else who’s lent a helping hand along the way!


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Track Name: Tear My Face Off
Palms sweat stone lodged in thorax
Involuntary inability to normalize
Internal tremor; prepare for onslaught
Prescription panacea
Siren’s song drown my fears
Saturated chemistry
Seductive sweet release
Endless thirst, ache all over, no one told me can’t stay sober
Dizziness, paranoia, electric shock, please where did I go…
Insects skitter rewire my brain
Pestilent hallucinations
Dragging me insane
I tear my face off in vain
Track Name: In Not With
Archaic ignorance fans the flames
I’m at the door, you deny me again
What must I bend?
How must I break?
Your patriarchal tax
My pound of flesh
The countless times
A gauntlet thrown
Slapped back in place and
Forced to eat your words
I’ll beat you every time
Every last fucking time
I will beat you every time
You won’t extinguish me
I‘ll fight to reclaim what is mine
My chance to be
Fill the pine with nails
Tear my escape
Choke on your foul condescension
In not with
Track Name: Dumpster Diving at Planned Parenthood
Crazy Irma, death dealing demon
Spits on Jesus, hates the right
Step inside for services
At Hell’s three way magic gate.
Abortion Country Squire
Abortion Country Squire
Abortion Country Squire driving, death dealing demon!
She'll take, your waste, your vain mistakes,
your incest, your rape and fill the door panels with embryonic gore.
Dilation and curettage!
Empty out your insides and store them in her four door gross polluter.
Vacuum aspiration, she fills it floor to door-lock
and grants your cheap salvation.
She’ll drive… Fill it up so you can dumpster dive.
Check the rear view mirror, a protester is down.
A 9 to 5 picketer is writhing on the ground.
Bigoted old timer, no children, wife or shame.
Look she’s crushed his fetus sign and hopefully his fucking brain.
Fill up the fucking dumpster and dive.
She’ll drive.
So you can dumpster dive.
Climb inside my fucking abortion country squire.
Track Name: Sewer Chewer
Blind faith.
You think because you worship a robed deity that you’re safe.
But Satan hides behind gilded domes and cripples children with future shame.
You fear, so you hate and you judge and extinguish.
Track Name: Chain Sodomy
Count down your rights
To a state of closed society
Action movie illusions
Preoccupy the idiocracy
Land of the thief, home of the slave;
Free thinking is a conspiracy
Free will is a luxury
Shock and law hides furtive law
The dream unfolds a tragedy
Apathy fed on comfortable security
Violent protection of the status quo
[True threat to the meaning of humanity
Predatory mammals addicted to technology
Dystopia brought on by lack of accountability]
Don’t ask, don’t tell
We’re not equal – it’s all chain sodomy.
Track Name: Personal Pavor Nocturnus
I woke up screaming again
Choking on my fog of sweat and fear
Wandering through your house
Lost in my thoughts
Fingers glide over satin plaster
Splintered frame points out my targets
Domino run of choices
Span infinite.
Open the door - Blades and blood.
Open the door - Tie the noose and drop.
Open the door - Chainsaw.
Open the door - Torn limb from limb.
Run away; Paralyzed.
Try to scream; Have no voice.
Futile me; Drown in quicksand.
Impotent; Lack of action.
If you won’t choose
Your choice is made
The center door
Became my main stage
Climb the stairs
Stumble inside
Sink into the fibers…