Total Volcano Exploding

by Wadge



GK#200 c&p 2012 karaoke/wadge


released April 10, 2012

an UKULELE PRINCESS production
"Total Volcano Exploding"

Designed and carved at Tiny Bubbles Studio & Shave Ice Stand.
Sanded and varnished by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound.

Mahalo to J. Randall for actions above and beyond.

Artwork by Yuzuru Namiki -


all rights reserved



Grindcore Karaoke

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Track Name: Bora Bora
Track Name: Spazztic Hens Come Home to Roost
Another log with a blog dictating how to grind
Pecking like a spazztic hen, sniveling and hunched
Whine about production, how it doesn’t measure up
This slop’s from the basement, fucker!
So you’re shit out of luck
No songs of necrocoprophilia
It’s been done a million times
Projectile rage with ukuleles
Ripping riffs with sick wood chimes
Your belly aching makes me grin
Uncle Critic knows it all
You won’t get no polished masterstroke
But perhaps a perforated abdominal wall?
Been knee deep in this shit for years
Basement grind is for the few!
So roll your eyes and perch on high
There’s nothing you can do!
Track Name: Mangrove Lurking
Shield painted swirling form
Mangrove lurking
Cane body armour
Stone axes seeking flesh
Split wide open
Prongs get caught up in bone
Ribcage protruding
Heart of the black palm
Dogs are nipping at the heels
The fallen transformed into meals
A leg becomes a dagger fist
To stab another in the mist
Though never have so many teeth
Been plunged into the pulp beneath
Masks with hair and shells for eyes
Entrance, ensnare and hypnotize
Track Name: The Basement Shrine & Storage Closet Grind
That’s what tiki means to me
Hail them for eternity
Ancient gods from a far off land
Filled with rum in the palm of my hand
I will do as they command
In my basement is a shrine
Three mai tais and feelin’ fine
Surf, exotica and grind
Crank the drum and see them go
Mostly fast but sometimes slow
Gurgled vocals, how I flow
Tiki over here, tiki over there
Holy shit!
Motherfuckin’ tiki everywhere!
Tiki every day, tiki every night
Tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki
Outta sight!
All around the sound of frantic drums
Pounded to chants
In an aloha shirt and slacks
Watch this haole dance
Track Name: Sloth on the Beach
Gooey slugs invade Waikiki
Basting in their slop
Flopped upon the screaming sand
Greasy knackwurst in every hand
Swimsuits pushed to their limit
Barely containing the roasting pork
Bubbled up and dripping juice
Turning the ocean into soup
Who really won the war?
Searching for Nazi gold
In the mountains of Kaua’i
Camouflaged tourists armed with sticks
Flopped upon the screaming sand
Greasy knackwurst in every hand
Track Name: Randall's Reef
Racing into the lagoon
Cranked and flying high
Randall in an outrigger
Beneath a fallout sky
Spears they spray like hailfire
Helpless skulls are skinned
Puncture wounds and gold doubloons
Like a Randall in the wind
The tempo slider on his skull
Set to full force blast
Skag Baron of the North East
To nuclear war we’re cast
Tiki race from far and wide
To witness haole freak
Gotta go score, but he’ll be back for more
Another day in Randall’s Reef
Track Name: Enchanted Sundown
Light the torches and grab the mallets
Feel the vibes creep in
Outriggers hover above the huts
Marquesans born of blasted palm
Sunset draws a line to sand
Glowing eyes reflect
Yeti detonate armament
While Witco storm the bar
And everywhere grins abound
Rhythmic chants
Kava kava bowls
Sky bursts flare
Over the lagoon
Track Name: Killker in Kaua'i
Ascending up a trail, it’s Danny Lilker on vacation
SLAUGHTER blasting headphones, on his skirt it’s INCANTATION
In the thick of Kaua’i he grunts and raises claws
Sleeveless bright aloha shirt, on mango flesh he gnaws
Comes upon a clearing packed with drums and full of tents
At least a dozen tie died hippies reeking horrid scents
Lilker pauses ‘Fuck of Death’ and stands there dropping jaw
The biggest joint he’s ever seen and he’s in fucking awe!
The hippies they annoy
The hippies fucking suck
But they’ve got papers, they’ve got weed
Enough to fill a truck
Lilker scratches chin
Considers pros and cons
Shakes his head, forms the horns
And summons Abbadon! (Don Knotts)
Just then from the jungle, fuckin’ Rich Hoak appears
Swinging on a vine with one arm, Lilker fuckin’ cheers!
They form a tag team then and there they call The Grindcore Gents
Not the best name, yeah, I know, but it can pay two rents
Texas Death Match in the woods, hippies ripped to shreds
Nothing to gain but murder, now all are true deadheads
They pack the bong from Lilker’s bag and hit
A wild boar gets contact high and shits
The Gents reminisce about past shows and smile
Rich Hoak thinks he sees a crocodile
That can’t be so
No crocs in Hawai’i, yo
This rules the race
Hawai’i takes first place!
Track Name: Little Island
Long pig rage from massive boat
Beating chest and shaking throat
Vacant soon this rabid look shall be
Swinging from a hungry hook so free
Chanting in the circles banging war
Spits spin grease once more
Carvers pummel rock, scorching wood
Children swaying underneath the thatch
Little island, bathing in the moon
Little island, middle of the sea
So calm, these shores
So pure, her sands
Alone, in time
Why can’t you drift away?
Track Name: Total Volcano Exploding
Total volcano exploding with lava flying everywhere
People in their underwear running for their lives
Tectonic vomit - Ring of Fire
Trample the neighbours, hit the splits
Ring of Fire - the Ring of Fire
There goes Larry, cooked to shits
Gonna need some oven mitts
Mother’s crust is heaving chunks
Human donuts in for dunks
Ahoy there pahoehoe, whadda you say?
How many people will you smother today?
“Think I’ll slurp up a generation, woman, child and man”
Keoahikamakaua hovering there
Track Name: Slopesmokers
Raise grips in front of the monolith
Insides writhe entwined in myth
Rise from the hillsides earthly throned
Laid back slopesmokers smirking stoned
God of fire sends lightning spears
Ignite volcanoes that explode for years
Over the mountains plague and war
Slave traders storm the jagged shore
And all along they emanate wisdom through their gaze
Pressed mouths seep the latent phrase
Some lie toppled mid telepath
In time they’ll evaporate the wrath
Into the atmosphere with a blast
Trailing spray as they’re racing past
This is only just the start
What lies beyond would blow your mind apart…